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Carlton Condominium

Carleton Condominium

Top image Carlton Condominium
Carlton Condominium

The residents of 120-130 Carlton felt it was time to give their home some much needed TLC. The goal is to refresh the exterior fa├žade by introducing a colour scheme that will give the building a vibrant presence. The application of colour has the potential to make ‘Carlton on the Park’ a proud focal point in the city as a landmark defining the resilience of architecture in Toronto and its ability to re-imagine itself as a new age development; competitive and complementary to its neighbouring new age structures. Through the engagement with all participating owners, Bortolotto put together design options that would enhance the street appeal of the building while maintaining its connection to the park by tying the two together.
Ultimately we believe that ‘Carlton on the Park’ can be an exciting architectural element in the city and in particular, through the use of colour, creating an interesting conversation between the neighbouring gardens and buildings.