Historic Fort York Restoration

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Fort York Restoration

Our approach to designing the entryway to Fort York was to make a clear distinction between old and new, specifically to ensure that the new would not mask the old. A clear glass canopy over the door, for example, does its protective job without distracting from the historic fabric of the barrack. The concrete pad is pulled away from the wooden barrack walls.

New walkways, railings, benches and fountains were designed to be durable and provide visual interest as a preface to the edifying experience to come. Great care was exercised during construction to detect and preserve even the smallest of fragments for historical record.

In addiction to the watchful eye of staff, the gates, lighting and hardscapes allow Fort York to be both appreciated and preserved

- Ian Chodikoff
Canadian Architect

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Ian Chodikoff, Canadian Architect, April 2005