Slotted into the ground floor of the Village by the Grange, a well-known downtown mixed-use development, The Learning Zone at OCAD University augments the school’s library with a flexible, 24/7, hands-on, self-serve space for studying, meeting, presenting and creating. The design concept is to integrate design and technology projected on an ever changing glass façade that displays student work via a series of projection screens and new technologies along the mall corridor. The simplification of the process of gathering data and projected it onto the built environment keeps the evolving façade current with the production of student work.

As a frameless glass box it will protrude beyond the massing of the host building onto St. Patrick Street with a frosted glass façade pierced by a door shaped like a mouse hole and a grid of transparent peek-a-boo windows. These windows will give privacy to nighttime users and entice passers-by to approach the wall and spy into the activities on the interior. Inside the Grange complex, the project will define a former retail corridor with a reeded and clear glass wall that can be converted with retractable floor-to-ceiling screens and rear projection into a kinetic art gallery with an ever-changing display of student work. The plan is inspired by an artist’s palette, with a smattering of tables, custom-designed chairs with built-in laptop tables, and a central room called “The Pod” that has vertically retractable walls to convert it from an enclosed space for seminars, presentations or private meetings to become integrated with the rest of the floor.


OCAD University

project team

Tania Bortolotto
Jerry Lin
Cherry Yeung

consultant team

Building Code Consultant, David Hine Engineering Inc.
Building Science, Advantis Studio
General Contractor, Compass Construction
Mechanical/Electrical Engineer, LKM Division of SNC Lavalin
Structural Engineer, Joseph Lee Engineering Co. Ltd.

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