Creativity and curiosity are the main attractions to TD’s new Test and Learn Centre in London. A unique high- tech demonstration space leverages technology to engage with customers. This location is the prototype for future Test and Learn Centres that are designed for help and advise with no transactional services. The public is welcomed into the space through the large green, branded, angular wall designed to naturally attract visitors. The space presents itself as an extension to the mall and compliments the natural flow of traffic to avoid the feel of enclosure. The technology becomes front and center of this design and can be seen without interruption. The standing seminar area allows for movement and flow as we imagine the Lab is never in a fixed state. A Large full height LED Screen illuminates the rear wall, attracting the visitors into the space as well as making visible to the public the new technologies and applications developed by TD Bank.


TD Bank Group

project team

Tania Bortolotto
Alex Horber
Brian Muthaliff

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