An existing Tudor style home in the Kingsway area of Toronto is the site for this addition for a young family. A living area on the ground level and a master bedroom and washroom on the second level were requested. The new and the existing connect along a slightly curved set of steps that bring the ground floor plan to grade level giving the indoor and outdoor spaces a direct juxtaposition. The facade is composed of horizontal planes of cedar window frames and black stucco.

Family rooms, generous master bedrooms and bathing sanctuaries, and a connection with outdoor living are all part of the current style of living. These were built into the requested addition. The house now has two faces, the Tudor one facing the street and a modern one facing the backyard. Managing the transition between two styles was effected through use of the same wood and wood colour in both areas, but detailed differently.


Private Owner

project team

Tania Bortolotto

consultant team

Building Code Consultant, Hine Reichard Tomlin Inc.
General Contractor, Pang Ching Construction
General Contractor, Innovative Building Systems
Mechanical/Electrical Engineer, G&M Technical Services Ltd.
Structural Engineer, Blackwell Bowick Partnership Ltd.

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