Working with PFS Studio landscape architects, Shed 7 was imagined on the northern edge of the city of Hamilton. Shed 7 plays homage to the cities industrial heritage while addressing its promising future. Extending from the ribbon like gestures that carve rippling terraces into the landscape, a glazed lantern emerges at the north east corner of the site. Seven structural sections, reminiscent of the framing found on site gently nod towards the steel factories in the distance. Meandering paths throughout the landscape are elevated and suspended from the structure, creating a moment of pause; a reflection on the steel driven heritage of the city. Beneath the walkway, a reflecting pool becomes a waterfall, inspiring a connection to the waterfront. The structural lantern encloses a programmed café/exhibition space, maintaining a generous amount of ambient light and a comfortable environment to enjoy a view of the escarpment, the activities on the water and the piers edge. The architecture is intended to be an extension of the landscape as much as the landscape is a part of its architecture, where people flow seamlessly throughout the site.


City of Hamilton

project team

Tania Bortolotto
Alex Horber
Brian Muthaliff
Elaine Welsher

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