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Designing Schools for Student Success, Inspiring Calm and Emotional Well-Being
Catapult Schools, Issue 1, 2013

School Work: Innovative Designs for Education
Harbour Front Centre, September 21 - December 29, 2014


The project comprised of Roof-top addition, on the second floor of the elementary school, inclusive of three classrooms and a locker room area to satisfy newly-legislated student-to-teacher ratios. The principal challenge in the design of the addition was to provide adequate natural lighting to three existing classrooms facing the roof-top as well as the new spaces. This was achieved by co-opting corridor space to act as a light well and the use of clerestories to filter sunlight into the new spaces and through to the existing.


Northlea Elementary School

project team

Tania Bortolotto
Alex Horber

consultant team

Arborist, AO Tree Services & Consulting
General Contractor, KCL Contracting & Engineering Ltd.
Mechanical/Electrical Engineer, G&M Technical Services Ltd.
Site Surveyor, Lloyd & Purcell Ltd.
Structural Engineer, Blackwell Bowick Partnership Ltd.
Transportation Engineer, IBI Group

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