The concept for this 1,500sf tennis club is influenced by the purity and grace of the game and by the simplicity of the equipment – a racquet, a ball, a net and a playing surface. To remind members of these qualities – lightweight and open – light colored materials and assemblies such as open web steel joists, corrugated steel deck and glass were selected and detailed to a high degree.

The main room was thrown open to the outdoors by way of the extensive use of glazing. The roof visor form is mirrored in the shape of the concrete patio. Home of the red clay courts this facility is members-only, was established in 1937 and is located in Etobicoke.


City of Toronto

project team

Tania Bortolotto
Johnny Sihra
Suzanne Graham

consultant team

Building Code Consultant, David Hine Engineering Inc.
Structural Engineer, Blackwell Bowick Partnership Ltd.

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