Magenta Health is a family medicine clinic in Riverside that intends to expand into a branded chain around the city. The clinic operates as a collegial and informal practice serving only registered patients with the intention of serving quality of care instead of a high volume of care. As an innovative practice, technology plays an integral role where all information is digitally recorded and transferred. Patients are received through online bookings and digital check-ins to reduce wait times and increase productivity.

The design of this facility is intended to be on par with its practice. Modern and Minimal, priority is given to efficient and functional space planning. Exam rooms hug the demising walls leaving room for a simple passage way to connect them. Clean white light strips illuminate the corridors that house additional workstations. Way finding becomes an integral element to maintain efficiency and flow of the space as well an opportunity to play with and brand the space. A large magenta numbering system is used to identify each exam room, with rounded floor tags directing traffic. Pink and Black bands define a datum for the clinic that extend from the large magenta floral sign at the reception. Amidst the clean white surfaces, the Magenta Health Logo is made visible to the street through its bold and modern colour scheme.


Magenta Health

project team

Tania Bortolotto
Viviane Chan

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