Bézier Curve House begins with the client’s connection with the existing, quaint front yard lap pool as a point of origin for design. Keeping the client as close to the project as possible and incorporating the natural elements from the outside world in, is our main objective. Provoking a sense of peace and tranquility that will sprout into a state of wellness has been at the root of our vision. As opposed to conventional rear yard recreational arrangement, A-House arrays its program around the lap pool, empowering a swooping curve to define the front yard recreational space. Subsequently, the front face of the house is split in plan, providing a strong sense of depth to the front elevation, reminiscent of the styles traditional to the site. The intent for this home is to be seamlessly tied into the community, keeping it light in its impact through a less is more approach. Bézier Curve House pulls inspiration from materials that were found in the typologies of Lawrence Parks past. The house will be comprised of wood construction, with moments of articulated heavy timber. The roof to be skinned with curved profiled, heavy slate shingles, common to the Tudor Revival Period, slated to last 100 years. To face the building, white rift cut oak is reinterpreted from linear elements to a solid surface, expressing texture of the wood itself. Darkened perforated steel, reminiscent of the traditional wrought iron ornament, will detail the intimate moments of interaction.



project team

Tania Bortolotto
Alex Horber
Brian Muthaliff
Sarah Fourie
Elaine Welsher

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