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Tandem Magazine, Mark Curtis, October 8, 2009
Built to Perform: Benefits of Design Drive Work of Bortolotto

Performance Architecture for Performance Dentistry (Cover+Editorial)
Dental Practice Managment Magazine, pgs 12-13, Spring 2008


The design of this Toronto-based dental office in a newly constructed high rise condominium at Yonge and Eglinton was inspired by looking through the eyes of a dentist into a patient’s mouth. The space is conceived of as the concave and convex shapes of the oral cavity. Smooth double curves were explored to shape the small waiting room. The finishes are walnut providing a comfortable and warm aesthetic to the space. Clear and sandblasted glass was used extensively throughout the office at the consult room and the doors of the operatories. The treatment rooms have chair side monitors, which function as digital displays for radiographs, intra-oral cameras and televisions.

Challenges appeared when downsizing from 1,700 sq ft to 1,420 sq ft. To create a sense of openness the reception area was created with overlapping curved walls, glass was used extensively throughout the office and four out of the five operatories have large windows that look out onto Yonge Street and the internal courtyard.


Dr. Jordan L. Soll

project team

Tania Bortolotto
Jerry Lin
Michael Taylor

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