adding value

Bortolotto is a Canadian architecture and interior design firm that was founded in 1999. Our experience spans all sectors and is tied together by our shared commitment to the delivery of architecture that is meaningful, memorable, unexpected and uplifting. The success of our firm is rooted in design excellence, smart design solutions and the research and implementation of technological advancements in architecture.

architectural services

Bortolotto provides a full range of architectural services for projects that range from small in scale to large and complex. This includes new construction, addition, renovation, feasibility studies, master plans and major expansions for a variety of sectors including: public, cultural, education, non-profit, commercial, restoration and residential. With every project, our architecture is guided by a research intensive process that results in spaces that embody the routines, rituals, and functional requirements of a wide variety of user groups, while offering comfort and inspiration.

interior design services

We believe that how we design our interior spaces can have a profound impact on our happiness, health and well-being. Our design solutions integrate programming, space planning, leading-edge technologies, sustainability, energy efficiency, lighting, ergonomics, acoustics, brand integration, color, material and furniture as tools that positively impact and create healthy environments and enhance performance.  The design of bright, spatially inspiring and collaborative spaces that help attract and retain loyal talent has become a hallmark of our brand and service.

master planning + feasibility studies

The purpose of master planning is to utilize each building component as an incremental addition to a larger whole. Bortolotto has completed a large number of master planning, feasibility and costing studies that help our clients and their stakeholders to plan for change. Throughout this process we collaborate with a diverse range of specialists and consultants, experts in their respective fields and who we have long-standing relationships with. Our experience ensures that our solutions are economically viable while being socially and environmentally responsive.

restoration, revitalization + renovation

Bringing new life and purpose to old buildings is a challenging and equally rewarding task. Bortolotto has transformed a derelict industrial space into a lively, multi-purpose college common area, uncovered wood-beam ceilings and re-purposed the natural beauty in a variety of municipal office and administrative spaces and restored historical and heritage 6-floors of space for an internationally-renowned educational institute. By reinterpreting buildings for contemporary purposes, we keep alive a vital link with the past and blend new and old in the fabric of urban life.