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Dr. John Voudouris

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Innovative Orthodontics

A newly renovated orthodontic office in mid-town Toronto embraces the fine art appreciation of Internationally recognized Dr John Voudouris.

Visitors are immediately met upon entering the 2,100 sf space with a striking reception area which consists of multiple complex curvatures, guiding one’s eye through the space. The desk acts as a focal point for the lobby, flowing graciously in dialogue with the overhanging amorphous light fixture and the curved glass behind. The reception desk has been finely detailed and crafted and integrates a three-dimensional translucent acrylic curved piece with back-lighting. Overhead, a large fluid fixture is suspended, consisting of multiple descending levels. The fixture is angled to face guests entering the space, providing a warm welcome. The design takes inspiration from the large, colourful abstract oil painting by Case Fox, filled with perpetual motion, which hangs in the lobby.

A semi-circular glass partition separates the intimate welcome area from the remainder of the clinic. This glass piece includes a patterned surface film and has tunable lights of different colours, which can be programmed seasonally.

Entering the clinic, the space is dominated by the monolithic photograph of the Grand Canyon, AZ, by artist Peter Lik, as well as several other French-Canadian artist pieces scattered throughout.
The clinic supports 7 operatories, a lab, panorex, staff area, research, and development office, as well as necessary supporting spaces. The operatories for visitors are situated to receive optimal natural light, while maintaining patient privacy. Angled glass partitions between operatories are recessed into the Italian porcelain tile floor and inset into the ceiling, creating a cascading effect. The glass panels possess an intricate surface film, with custom whimsical drawings, reflecting Dr. Voudouris several patented inventions.

The design fulfills the need for an efficient and healthy orthodontics clinic, while elevating the space through a refined design with playful, alluring moments.

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2022 Canadian Interiors
Best of Canada, Office