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Finch Avenue Optometry

Inspired by the mechanics of the eye and in particular, depth of field, The cascading lantern feature is made up of a series of changing undulating curvilinear shaped disks with a mirror at the end disk reflecting an image of the retail space below. White and RGB LED lights wrap continuously around each level of the curved disks providing lighting to the space below and to the disk above. The view of the lantern from below is read as a palette of layered light. The lantern plays on both natural and artificial light as natural light is cast onto the lantern and from inside artificial light. 

The design challenges of the 325 m2 one story optometry office and the two story optical retail space were two fold. Firstly; the careful composition and proportional placement of the cascading lantern within its relationship to the space as a whole revealed the complexity of the various three dimensional spatial elements. Considerations of how it projected from below and from the exterior public street were also important. Secondly; the way in which the eye glasses were displayed was a critical factor in ensuring the successful implementation of the retail component of the optometry office. A minimalist, integrated approach was developed for the eye glasses display cases and millwork that worked as white backdrops showcasing the various styles and colours of the product.

Patients come in and are pleasantly surprised at the openness, the brightness and the clean look and feel of the space.

- Retail Focus

press + awards

2015 BOY Awards
Retail Finalist

2015 ARIDO Awards
Award of Excellence

2015 Lighting Design Awards, International Project of the Year - Interior, Highly Commended

Lighting Special
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Finch Avenue Optometry
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