Finch Optometry Cast in Light


“We are thrilled to have been recognised in this years Lighting Design Awards for the International Project of the Year as well as the 2015 ARIDO Award of of Excellence!” 

Finch Avenue optometry continues to be a bright spot in our roster of Healthcare and dental projects. As essential to the function of the eye, light plays an integral role at the Finch Avenue Optometry. The interior design of this space contemplates on various uses of light to aid the viewer’s selection. So to be recognized in this year’s Lighting Design Awards is a testament to the positive affect inspired design and integration can have on specialized programs. 

In addition! Finch Optometry has also been recognised by the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO) and has beed Awarded in the healthcare category for the interior retrofit of the retail showroom and waiting area in North Toronto.

The ARIDO Awards showcase excellence, innovation and originality in interior design. Since 1982, ARIDO has been recognizing the exceptional work of ARIDO members with this annual awards program that also serves to raise public awareness of the power and effect of interior design among the Ontario public. The 2015 ARIDO Awards were presented at a Gala on Wednesday, September 16th at The Hilton Toronto Hotel.
Our client was brief with the brief:  design a new premise that would express the practices commitment to both high quality eye care and contemporary style. Beyond this, we were very interested in the practice of eyecare itself. How could the design reflect and potentially provide clarity to the customers? 

Photo by Tom Arban

In search of clarity, it became obvious to us that light would be our medium. Large clerestory windows allow natural to pour into the space during the day, light which is received and reflected throughout by soft white surfaces. By night, the optometry reciprocates as a lantern, where its surfaces emit the soft white light.  
Lighting, integrated into the shelving for the spectacles and behind frosted glass walls for the sunglasses softens the environment, allowing the product to float amongst its viewers; the ideal backdrop for trying on each kind of eyewear. The uninterrupted shelving units allow each unique item their own sufficient space, so as to intensify the expression of their shapes, sizes and colours respectively. The client is never overwhelmed

Photo by Tom Arban
As a tribute to the mechanics of the eye and the concept of a depth of field, eight concentric rings cascade downward from the ceiling culminating in a mirrored center like pupil of an eye. Each ring is has its silver lining, defined by recessed strips of white light. This sculptural chandelier of sorts not only shapes the interior space but extends and heightens it dramatically. As one looks directly above they are both lifted by the extend rings and returned to the ground by their own reflection.
We would like to extend our gratitude to the 2015 Lighting Design Awards as well at the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario for recognizing the Finch Avenue Optometry, it is an honour to been seen in such light.


Photo by Tom Arban

“I have had comments like ‘It feels like a museum’ and ‘I never would have expected it to look like this on the inside’. I think that people really enjoy the time they spend in our office and like the fact that things are open and airy. The design has helped our business as it has made the flow of traffic a lot better and more efficient. The retail component has improved as it feels like we have more choices for everyone.”  

Dr. Papadakis, Client

Photo by Tom Arban

Merchandise Awarded by ARIDO