Toronto Home Shows Off Big Curves

July 14, 2021  

Bortolotto's Bézier Curve House Hi-lighted in the Toronto Star

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Toronto home shows off big curves


From the whimsical curves of its roofline to the “carved-out” design around a much-loved pool, Bézier Curve House is very much created for its residents.

The home’s owner, a custom homebuilder wanted to replace the family home in Toronto’s Lawrence Park with the “antithesis of the flat-roofed, boxy fishbowl.”

Inside, the 5,200-square-foot residence is laid out around the staircase which aligns with the roof’s curve. Named for one of its creators, the Bézier curve was devised in the late 1960s-’70s for use in automobile design.

Photography by Tom Arban

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