Tania Bortolotto to speak at Canadian Urban Institute Roundtable

October 23, 2009  

Tania will be speaking of her experience on Toronto Waterfront’s Design Review Panel. Along with roundtable panelists Robert Freedman, Mark Guslits and Gordon Stratford. The implementation of Design Review Panels is intended to achieve high quality architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design to improve the public realm, by providing professional, objective advice as an additional stream of consultation within the existing framework of development review. Our panelists discuss their experiences with the City of Toronto, Toronto Waterfront, and Regent Park panels, including what the expectations were, how the dialogue went, how the panels worked, and what the impact of the comments were.  They also examine what the feedback has been to date. How do they feel that the process is working, and how should it be tailored as we go forward? Ultimately, the question is, does the experience of going through a review change a building? And does it help us achieve design excellence?