There is always something to be proud of at Bortolotto

August 11, 2016  

Tania in her collar “of red watered silk with gold braid binding"

Congratulations Tania! 

We are proud to announce that on June 9th Tania Bortolotto was inducted as a Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada at the Festival of Architecture in Nanaimo, BC. The College of Fellows honors members who have made outstanding contributions in design, building science, education or literature, by bestowing them with Fellowship. Such recognition is a testament of Tania’s passion for design and the connection between architecture and the human experience.  

Tania standing 750pixels

We cannot deny the intuitive uplift that comes over us when you are surrounded by people and nature in a beautiful space. That connection is what architecture is about.

We have no doubt in our minds that as Tania solemnly swore to do all in her power to advance excellence in architectural practice and scholarship, that like all of her endeavors, she will go above and beyond.