Pit Stop Awarded by the OAA

October 16, 2015  
Any public building has the ability to make an unexpected and delightful contribution to the landscape or city, whether urban or suburban.

Architecture is, to reference the psychologist Albert Bandura, a form of reciprocal determinism. Although he relates this information to the behavior of people, we liken that Architecture performs in a similar manner. Reciprocal Determinism proposes that a person’s behavior both influences and is influenced by personal factors and the social environment. Pit Stop, for us, is a project that is inspired by its program and environment and in turn will alter and change its environment.

Pit Stop Plan
Site Plan

Recipient of this years Ontario Association of Architecture Award this year, Pit Stop represents an avenue for a dynamic and responsive architecture in the suburban environment. The building is situated on a small vacant parcel of land encircled by a paved surface bus stop area behind a newly built big box mall. The building is conceived of as a beacon to the lackluster surroundings by introducing the striking triangular, elongated, angular and colorful pavilion. The pavilion serves a dual role, both as a private facility for transit staff only and at the same time as a sculptural piece located within an open public space that presents itself at the intersection of crossing pedestrian paths. Pit Stop is 124m2 and includes an outdoor area that contains a heating and cooling unit. 

Pit Stop
Photo by Shai Gill

Shaped by the transportation that circulates it, the outcome is an icon for its city, and a suggestion that even simple function can be expressed vibrantly.