Merchandise Building Awarded by ARIDO

October 23, 2015  
When you see it from the street, it's a real marker

-Mr. Newton


The ARIDO Awards showcase excellence, innovation and originality in interior design. Since 1982, ARIDO has been recognizing the exceptional work of ARIDO members with this annual awards program that also serves to raise public awareness of the power and effect of interior design among the Ontario public. The 2015 ARIDO Awards were presented at a Gala on Wednesday, September 16th at The Hilton Toronto Hotel.

Photos by Ben Rahn

Taking cues from industrial machinery and the Art Deco movement, the walls and edges of the merchandise building condominium lobby were re-designed to incorporate steppes and tapered elements providing texture and pattern to the space.

Merchandise different angle
Photos by Ben Rahn

The new design introduced a smooth, continuous, harmonious curved corridor and lobby area that can be seen as two walls of ribbon weaving its way from one entrance to the other. Paying homage to the buildings historic presence, the design incorporated exposing parts of the buildings industrial elements, respecting its historic value.

Merchandise wood
Photos by Ben Rahn

The resulting renovation of the common areas introduces a finished, polished and fresh aesthetic, creating an exciting contrast to the existing spaces.