Happy International Women's Day

March 08, 2017  

here is now a statue of a fearless little girl staring down Wall Streets charging bull 

On International Women’s Day we are reminded to celebrate women around the world. Today, we honour women for their commitment to their families, their work, and their community.  Today is about solidarity. Today is about staring down that metaphorical “charging bull” for the betterment of society and for our daughters and their future girls.

Tania Bortolotto, is the president and founder of Bortolotto architect and interiors. Tania is passionately dedicated to leading her business, connecting with clients and employees of the firm and delivering unique, uplifting and special designs. Bortolotto’s work has won numerous design distinctions and awards, has been featured in magazines around the world, she has raised two loved and empowered children, is involved in several boards, design review panels, and joins a group of other talented and brilliant women who lead their own businesses. Tania has faced the charging bull with her feet planted firmly on the ground, with a vision of her aspirations and future for herself, her children, and society as a whole. 

In recognition of all of the added challenges and glass ceilings, may we look forward to a brighter future of gender equality and stand together in solidarity for women around the world. 

happy international women day