Bortolotto Featured in Retail Insider on Accessibility

April 11, 2019  Image with the new designed bench


Read How Retailers in Canada Can Become More Accessible in Retail Insider.


When we think of accessibility in 2019, we would like to think that the world has become a more accommodating space for everyone–one where design plays an important role. While this may be true in some cases with evolving technology, we are still falling short from creating truly accessible environments in places like brick and mortar stores. As more people are becoming empowered to come forward about their restrictions with accessibility, we are becoming increasingly aware that this affects more than just wheelchair users, but the mobility requirements of many.

Especially when we think of electronic retailers like Apple, Best Buy and Microsoft; there seems to be a one-size-fits-all model that prioritizes aesthetic over functionality.  While the stores often boast a sharp, clean look, the service benches tend to stand at a singular height and with the product mounted far away enough from the edge that a person in a wheelchair would find it impossible to reach without assistance.

Images with the blue benches