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Tania Bortolotto, OAA, ARIDO, President & Founder
Alex Horber, OAA. Principal
Viviane Chan, OAA, Associate


Bortolotto is a Canadian architecture and interior design firm that was founded in 1999 in Toronto. The firm’s mission is to deliver smart design solutions that enhance happiness, health and productivity. Bortolotto believes that Architecture Matters and are inspired by the relationship between design and its impact on the human experience and our quality of life.

Bortolotto’s experience spans many sectors and is tied together by a shared commitment to the delivery of architecture that is meaningful, memorable, unexpected and uplifting. The success of the firm is rooted in a common goal to achieve design excellence, smart design solutions and the research and implementation of technological and sustainable advancements in architecture. The firm is recognized regionally and nationally as an emerging practice and is the recipient of numerous design distinctions and awards. Our work has been featured in World Architecture News, Canadian Architect, Azure Magazine and The Globe and Mail to name a few.

Bortolotto’s designs result from a life and work balance office culture that emphasizes a collaborative approach, shared knowledge, professional learning opportunities and a “work smarter, not longer mentality.” Bortolotto is licensed by both the Ontario Association of Architects and the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario.



"Her firm is a rare example in a roster of emerging Toronto practices that has loosened the iron grip on the Toronto market that large, established corporate firms have enjoyed for a long period of time. Modest budgets, simple material palettes, industrial design, defensible space, historic preservation as well as the experience of outdoor civic and interpretative spaces can be used to define future agendas of this young practice." Editor, Canadian Architect

"Not a week goes by and we don't think what a beautiful home we have. Such enduring beauty and function." 
Owner, Borden Street Residence

"I would like to congratulate you on your outstanding achievement of Award of Merit from ARIDO (the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario).  R.H. McGregor was my grandfather. I am sure he would be so proud of your design. I love that you chose the name 'The Commons' as that was where he spent most of his time being in Parliament. I personally am very proud of your work that bears my family name. My sincere thanks for a spectacular, fabulous design." Roxanne McGregor, The Commons

“Toronto’s Bortolotto Design Architects proved that clever design provides a good return on any size investment with this new office for an expanding wealth management company.”, “The project is a perfect example of combining old with new.”  Eric Donnely, Canadian Interiors