Happy International Women's Day

March 08, 2017  > Architecture, International, Women
We are reminded everyday of the strength, creativity, and intelligence of women from our very own, Tania. Celebrating today and always, for all, near and far.    Read More


Swinging the sticks for kids

September 13, 2016  > Burlington, Centre, charity, golf, Kids, of, out, Reach
Alex from Bortolotto tees off at the Winch Golf for Kids charity tournament as a proud sponsor of the Reach out Centre for Kids.   Read More


There is always something to be proud of at Bortolotto

August 11, 2016  > architecture, design, fellow, pride, RAIC
Tania is named a Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada   Read More

We're hiring!

April 22, 2016  > Architects, Architecture, Best, Bortolotto, Employment, Experienced
  Read More

Excitement at OCAD and Bortolotto!

April 15, 2016  > Architecture, Best, Bortolotto, Building, Canada, Cross, Culture, Design, OCAD, Tania
  Read More

House in Kings Cross - The Best of Canada

October 29, 2015  > Architecture, Award, Best, Bortolotto, Building, Canada, Cross, Design, House, Kings, Lighting, of, Residential, Tania
Recipient of this years 18 Annual, Canadian Interiors, Best of Canada Residential Award.   Read More

Merchandise Building Awarded by ARIDO

October 23, 2015  > Architecture, ARIDO, Award, Bortolotto, Building, Design, Lighting, Merchandise, Renovation, Restoration, Tania
Recipient of this years 2015 Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO) Award of Merit.   Read More

Finch Optometry Cast in Light

October 19, 2015  > Architecture, ARIDO, Award, Awards, Bortolotto, Design, Finch, Lighting, Optometry, Tania
Recipient of this years Lighting Design Award as well as the 2015 Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO) Award of Excellence.   Read More

Pit Stop Awarded by the OAA

October 16, 2015  > architecture, award, Bortolotto, OAA, Oakville, Pit, responsive, Stop, Tania
Recipient of this years Ontario Association of Architecture Award this year, Pit Stop represents an avenue for a dynamic and responsive architecture in the suburban environment.   Read More


In praise of praise

January 06, 2015  > Alex, ARIDO, Bortolotto, Cross, Horber, House, in, Kings, Tania
I’m just going to come right out and say it: Architects and designers love getting accolades.   Read More


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