Architecture Matters
"We focus on architecture that delivers us outside of the mundane, opens our minds and bodies to uplifiting experiences, ritual performance and private contemplation."
Tania Bortolotto, President & Founder
Bortolotto Design Architect Inc.
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designing for health, happiness & productivity

We believe that smart design can enhance your happiness, health and productivity and that it can have a profound impact on our social, physical and mental well-being. We now realize that the architecture of our built environment may hold tremendous potential for addressing many of our greatest public and social health concerns including: obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma, injury, depression, violence and social inequality. How we design our cities, buildings, streets, parks and public spaces has the power to influence, transform and improve our quality of life.

delivering architecture that uplifts

Our focus is architecture that delivers us outside of the ordinary, opens our minds and bodies to uplifting experiences, ritual performance and private contemplation. With every new project and customer service opportunity, we strive to deliver designs that are meaningful, sustainable, memorable, contextual, functional and inspiring. We are continually researching the relationship between architecture and the human experience, ensuring our design solutions continue to be informed and influenced by current trends. We are inspired by cities all over the world that have chosen to integrate the importance of architecture and design into their culture. We believe Architecture Matters and that it should create positive, healthy, happy experiences for all those involved.